Congratulations! You're qualifying for Medicare coverage—a great value!

You are in a Safe Zone when you talk to us:

  • No requests that you enroll in plans! 

  • No requests that you purchase anything!

  • No political agenda!

Rest Assured: You Can Manage Medicare's Intricacy

The more you read or hear about Medicare, the more complicated the federal program seems compared to the group health you have been on most of your life. You may not be sure how much time and effort you will need to spend to understand  its benefits well enough to use them with confidence, but you fear that it will require more time than you have to give.


Well, you can now dismiss that concern because our explanations are better than others' in a significant way. The starting point of our explanations is what you think is relevant rather than what the government or someone else's self-interest thinks is relevant. Respecting your determinations of relevance is the easiest and quickest way for us to enable you to get up to speed and enjoy good Medicare coverage.


Answering your questions to your satisfaction means that you are in charge of what we will talk about. Our conversation will not be from a government-approved script.


You are going to discover that there are two broad ways for you to manage your Medicare benefits so that you get the most out of them:

  • You can become your own insurance agent. Equipped with the proper knowledge, you can enroll yourself in the proper Medicare plans without the challenge of keeping a sales person focused on your interests. This is the do-it-yourself option. If you want to go this way, we can help.

  • You can also acquire the knowledge to select and manage a Medicare agent to fulfill your needs. (Medicare agents do not charge you for their services because the insurance companies pay them to help you.) If you know how to distinguish between good and bad agents, you can save yourself time and effort. If not, we can give you that knowledge.

Lift Advocacy will answer the questions you ask until you feel comfortable enough to make your decisions. We cannot answer questions about particular insurance companies or plans, because that requires an insurance license, but we can answer questions about Medicare programs, laws, regulations, and vendor classes. You know, the stuff that drives everyone crazy when they just want to get something done. We think learning about the industry needs to be separated from the buying decisions.

While you are talking with us, you will not feel that you are being sold anything. Not having to be on your guard against sales pitches frees you to learn faster and better. You do not even need to create an account with us. Make up a name, and we will still answer your questions.

You will also find that we are not trying to evade the hard questions. After talking with us—as many times as you like—you will feel confident in your understanding of Medicare. And that confidence will enable you to make better decisions as you use your benefits.

Upcoming Services and Benefits

You will not find all the resources that you could wish for on our web site just yet. For instance, we plan on developing short videos that explain things you will find nowhere else. In the meantime, you have a good alternative: you can call us or write an email, and we will customize our answers to your precise questions.

Upcoming services and benefits include:

  • Videos that describe what you can expect when you first become eligible for Medicare

  • Videos that describe the pitfalls that make managing your Medicare benefits more difficult

  • Forums where you can share what you are learning with other Medicare beneficiaries and where they can share with you

Developing these online assets will take time since all our volunteers are contributing to Lift Advocacy in their spare time. So keep checking in to see if we have developed what you are looking for. Of course, you could always ask us to create something specific.