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Medicare and Medicaid Programs Working Together

Here we would like to discuss 2 government programs that work together: Medicare and Medicaid. The Medicare Administration (called CMS) and some insurance companies design special plans for people who qualify for both programs simultaneously. People qualify for Medicare by turning 65 or by enduring physical challenges if they are younger than 65. People qualify for Medicaid by suffering economic challenges like low income. These specialized plans coordinate both federal and state benefits. The plans have their own doctor and hospital networks because those providers must put up with a lot of red tape. People who qualify for both programs simultaneously are called dual-eligibles by industry insiders. The special kinds of plans are called D-SNP's (pronounced dee-snip), which stands for Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans." You need an agent who understands both programs if you are dual eligible, and they are not that easy to find. But if you qualify, you are not alone. The state government employs case workers dedicated to helping Medicaid and dual eligibles.

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